Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I loved these toys. Until today, I couldn't even remember what they were called (thanks internet!). But, yeah they had tons of uses. Particularly for me, they served as spaceship props in my homemade star wars movies.

Basically they had these gray pieces that connected together, and you could contruct all kinds of things from vehicles to battle stations. They also came with red (the bad guys.. red=bad -obviously) and blue (blue= :D ) pieces. These were usually like wheels or cockpits. Had a blast with these things.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Batman Carded toys!

ok, so in my travels on the world wide web- I came across some some wonderful pieces of nostalgia for me. Carded Batman Toys. The year- 1988. The place- the Oscoda A&P. And s0 my 8 year old eyes fell upon an assortment of tools that would compete my transformation from a simple military brat into a Batman protege'.

You gotta have the
handcuffs, And the Bat-talkie, and a... bat watch? *shrug* why not.

Of course
not Batman, without his famous...

Batgun? now
that's just shameless

Here's most of the set. Complete with Bat-Axe, Bat-Knife and Bat... cantine.

Alright, to wrap it up- I LOVE the art and design of this late 80s batman branding. The look of Batman and the Joker just rocked. Then Burton went and screwed it up. Look how colorful everything is!

Also- I'm pretty sure I had this coloring book- lol

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